Innsbruck - train ticketsThe capital of Tyrol! This is the place where the colourful folklore and culture of Germany was born. The first notes about the city come from the second part of the XII centaury and describe it as a stop on the commercial route between Italy and northern Europe. Thanks to its location Innsbruck was awarded the city low as early as in 1239 and 200 years later became the capital of Tyrol, to become the imperial residency, eventually. During the imperial times two castles were erected: Hofburg and Ambras, the most attractive landmarks of the region. The Middle age character of the city is visible in its urban layout. The old town is the heart of the city, recognised the best-prevailed old town in Austria. The symbol of Innsbruck is the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) set on the oriel of the merchant house situated on the market and commemorating the emperor Maximilian’s I wedding to princess Bianca Maria Sforza. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in Innsbruck that contemporary hosts the history museum. The Innsbruck must is to ascend the city tower (Stadtturm), from which you can enjoy to the city bugle call. From the tower walls you may enjoy the Innsbruck panorama and surrounding area marked with picturesque mountain ranges. Nowadays, Innsbruck plays an important economic and cultural role. It is also well known for its sport venues. The city hosted twice the Winter Olympic Games as well as The Classic Skiing World Championships.

Train to Innsbruck

The Main Train Station in the city is Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof located east of the city centre. The station serves around 25 thousand passengers a day and connects such cities like Vienna, Graz, Linz, Villach or Salzburg. In Innsbruck you may buy a train ticket for Germany to such cities as Munich.

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The most popular attractions in Innsbruck:
  • Goldenes Dachl
  • Hofburg Castle
  • Ambras Castle
  • The Court Cathedral
  • The City Tower
  • The Tyrol of The Folk Art
Railway stations in Innsbruck:

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